Give yourself permission to experience life on your terms! Learning through experimenting can be rewarding. Challenges give way to celebration; the unknown can be the path to unbelievable adventures. The Live Empowered Institute is here to provide you with opportunities to explore new ways of thinking, doing, and being. It's a gateway designed to help you become more actively engaged in your life on purpose.

"Your path to empowerment is yours and yours alone."

- Dr. Lisa

Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Summerour

As Chief Engagement & Empowerment Officer - I'm here as a coach, facilitator, speaker, mentor, and instructor. I want to encourage you to fully engage in life so you can be empowered by your own growth and curiosity.

I'm looking for individuals who know that transformation can begin anywhere. Your path might begin with a home design project, a personal reflection exercise, or a deeper understanding of how you can foster engagement in the world around you and help others feel empowered.

I'm learning to live empowered to lead my best self forward. You are more than welcome to join me on the journey.